Schlarafia was founded by Đorđe Vukasović in 1934, when he brought the technology for the production of wire cores from Leipzig to Belgrade. He opened the first craft shop for the production of mattresses in this area in the yard of his family’s house in Čubura, just one year after the powerful Leggett and Platt were the first in the world to start the production of these cores.

In Schlarafia, we have been working hard on the production of mattresses for 80 years. On our mattresses, sleep is healthy, comfortable and invigorating. That kind of sleep strengthens the immune system, improves mood, memory, fitness, slows down the aging process and makes us happier and more productive. It is not easy to make such mattresses – it takes a lot of love, dedication and craftsmanship, which we constantly improve. We are proud of the hand-crafting of our mattresses, as well as the fact that we use only the highest quality materials in production.

Today, Schlarafia is a modern family company managed by Dejan Kapetanović, Đorđe’s grandson. The company has expanded from the yard in Čubura to almost the whole of Serbia and the region through a retail network of its own stores, as well as recommended stores that sell top quality Schlarafia sleeping equipment. Plans for further development are very ambitious and aimed at conquering new markets.

80 years is a long period of time. Changes are inevitable and good. However, something does not change in the yard on Čubura. Every year, twice, the magnolia tree blooms, which Đorđe, the founder of the company, planted in the eighties of the last century as a symbol of this family’s love for work, for the mattresses produced by the diligent hands of Schlarafia’s craftsmen, and for the people who sleep on those mattresses. 

The love for quality that is being maintained and constantly improved. 

The love for the mattresses one sleeps best on.