After a century of producing mattresses that makes one sleep best, we have grown from a small workshop into a modern company operating through a retail network of its own stores and a developed franchise network. In addition to the citizens who place their trust in us, Schlarafia is also a reliable partner and the first choice of architects and interior designers who recommend our products to their customers without hesitation. Driven by the desire to offer their guests a full experience in their accommodations, more and more hoteliers rely on our professionalism, experience and skills, and choose high quality sleeping equipment.


Schlarafia has developed a modern franchise system with clearly defined standards and recommendations that make our branches throughout the country and region recognizable. With decades of experience, unsurpassed quality and investments in the knowledge of our employees, founding a company with Schlarafia as a partner is a small investment that brings long-term stability. However, this also has additional charms as it is not just a business relationship with financial benefits. To be a Schlarafia franchisee means to be part of a growing community that shares the same value system, apart from mere trading. When you are part of the Schlarafia team, you know that you always have support and tailwind, not only from management, but also from other colleagues who advise and encourage you at the start of the business. This means that through training and sharing experiences, you will gain incredible knowledge, that you will be respected and encouraged to highlight the best that you carry within you, that you will discover and become aware of skills you may not have known about, and finally, you will be witnessing how happy you can make other people by helping them improve the quality of their sleep.

If you think that you could be a good representative for everything that Schlarafia company has been building for almost a century, we are open to your suggestions and would be happy to help you.


The story of Schlarafia’s entry into the hotel segment is just as romantic and unusual as the ones that follow our development path. Do you know why hotels choose us as a partner? Because they want their guests to have what they themselves already have got at home! So in tenders we always won the supplying deals of hotels that were run by real hosts. Over time, the word spread, first among guests and bed users, and later among hotel and cleaning managers. Now they approach us with the wish to make something special for them. Today our portfolio includes over 15 models of mattresses, selected based on our experience in furnishing hotel rooms of various categories, supplemented by plinths, beds, mattress toppers, protectors, pillows, duvets and bedspreads, bed linen, mattresses for cribs and folding beds as well as bed extensions for extremely tall guests, inserters, etc.

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Schlarafia is a reliable partner not only in the pre-sale phase, in which we make our knowledge and professional support available, but also during production and delivery, especially in customer service, where we have proven to be a trustworthy employee whom tourism workers can always rely on.

On our reference list you will find famous and large hotels, and there are projects that we are particularly proud of, such as numerous kindergartens, ethnographic villages, small tourist households, wineries, etc.

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Schlarafia approaches every customer with particular attention and we like to hear from customers what they would like to offer their guests. Then we jointly participate in the creation of a unique model room that combines all the criteria of a high-quality and hygienic bed.


Special care is given to those who guided us through life as well as to those who will remain after us. What children and older people have in common is that they need more sleep and rest than the rest of the population and that the hygienic aspects of the bed are one of the main criteria for a quality stay.

KINDERGARTEN AND KIDS HOSTELS require mattresses that meet the highest hygiene standards. This means a high level of ventilation, excellent moisture management and an inhospitable hypoallergenic ambience for mites. The height and weight of the mattress should also allow it to lie securely in the cot as well as easy handling when changing bed linen. Removable covers that can withstand frequent washing cycles are a standard feature of children’s mattresses in shared accommodation. Mattresses should be replaced every 3-5 years.

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Thanks to the cooperation with pediatricians and allergists, Schlarafia is always ready to provide you with advice and assistance in the selection and purchase of beds for kindergartens. We can meet your design needs and make mattresses of various sizes and shapes.


A special kind of cooperation that we have fostered for decades is supporting architects and interior designers who select beds, mattresses and complete sleeping equipment for their customers. The reason why Schlarafia is undoubtedly the choice of all prominent architects in our capital city lies in the fact that our beds, mattresses and associated accessories are an unmistakable choice when the bed should mirror the refined taste of the customer and be an addition to the author’s design stamp. Our craftsmen can carry out any design and idea in a highly standardized quality, taking into account all the predefined requirements that apply not only to aesthetics, but also to atypical dimensions and shapes of the bed. In this way we offer your customers the opportunity to receive authentic bedroom solutions that are unique and specially designed for them.

For all inquiries and additional information you can contact:

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Aleksandar Stojković
Wholesale and Special services Manager