Luxury duvet ARCTIC SHIELD

Luxury duvet made out of exclusive down of the Arctic Eider duck 

The natural filling of rare down from the Arctic duck allows you to enjoy an exceptionally light and airy duvet that provides outstanding thermoregulation and comfort throughout the year. 

Its adaptability ensures that you can enjoy comfort regardless of your sleeping position, while its breathability helps maintain an optimal temperature throughout the night, regardless of the season.

Luxury duvet WILD&WARM

Luxury duvet made out of exclusive wild goose down 

Enjoy exceptional sleep quality with a duvet filled with natural wild goose down, enveloped in a lightweight batiste cover made from the finest cotton. 

Regardless of your sleeping position, the duvet adjusts to your body, providing complete comfort. Whether it’s a cold winter or a warm summer night, this duvet is ideal for year-round use.

Senso Duvet

The duvet is filled with hollow silicone micro fibers. The structure of the filling itself provides excellent thermal insulation, prevents moisture retention and is inhospitable to mites. The quilted cover is made of inlet 100% cotton fiber, which complements the hypoallergenic properties of the duvet.

Duvet 100% Down

The duvet has an outstanding softness and volume thanks to the filling of 100% of highest quality and finest down of carefully bred domestic geese. In addition to being light, airy and well ventilated, it removes moisture from the sleeper’s body while retaining warm air. This way it enables maintaining constant temperature and ventilation, regardless of ambient conditions.

Feather and Down Duvet 70/30

It provides the sleeper with an ideal microclimate for a night’s rest, while being light and soft. A special way of stitching allows the filling to be properly distributed. Thanks to its softness, it perfectly adapts to the anatomy of the sleeper, allowing fine tucking in.

Feathers and down

Light and soft, and at the same time robust and elastic. A large number of fine threads that retain a large amount of air around them, which means that it has a great thermal insulation ability. It is inhospitable to mites, it is 100% natural, it lets in cold and keeps warm air, maintaining an ideal microclimate in bed.