CCC triad

Why does Schlarafia’s mattress “breathe”? The secret of the “3C concept”. 

Schlarafia developed the CCC TRIAD MODEL (from the words CORE, COMFORT and COVER), which divided each mattress into three leading segments. The role of each layer is to contribute individually to orthopedic properties, comfort and protection, but the formula is designed so that each of these members of the triad complements the benefits of the other layers.




The heart of our mattresses is the patented handmade Schlarafia core. Schlarafia’s patented handmade spring core has as many as 35% more springs compared to a machine-made core, and that’s why each spring suffers less load, and our core lasts longer and has far better orthopedic-medical characteristics. Thanks to the patent designed in this way, we confidently offer you a 15-year guarantee on the immutability of the core’s properties. Patent mark – AUTHENTICITY WITH COVERAGE

What is it that a hand can do, but a machine can’t?

The heart of our mattresses is the handmade Schlarafia core. A commercial industrial core manufacturing machine produces 50 single pieces in one hour. The hands of our masters make only one such hand-knitted core at the same time, controlling each thread and connecting the springs in detail and precision. With this in mind, it is clear that the properties of handmade mattresses and those made on the production line are incomparable. 

Comfort and orthopedic-medical characteristics are at an extremely high level, and we have provided them with a combination of high-quality materials and top-quality workmanship by Schlarafia craftsmen with decades of experience in our company. We added heat-set felt of exceptional quality, rich density combined with coconut coir in the so-called protective layer to protect our carefully bound core. 

Thanks to the patent designed in this way, we confidently offer you a 15-year guarantee on the immutability of the core’s properties. 


Comfort layer = comfortable, breathing foams 

At Schlarafia, we do not use ordinary, everyday polyurethane foams, and you will not find sponges in our products. 

  • We use foams of increased density, so our foams are over 70% denser than classic foams, which contributes to the longevity of the mattress. Because of this, Schlarafia mattresses do not change their properties for a long time.
  • The elasticity of the foam, on the other hand, is proportional to the comfort provided by the base. The foams that we install in Schlarafia mattresses have a high degree of elasticity and adaptability to your usual sleeping positions.
  • We at Schlarafia use 100% air-permeable foams (produced in “open cell” technology), which ensures excellent ventilation of the mattress. 

What are the parameters that determine the quality of the foam material? 

Our experience in the production of mattresses, based not only on theoretical and practical knowledge, on education and empirical conclusions, but most of all on talking with our sleepers, gave birth to a concept that we have been following for a long time in creating a comfort zone, the so-called COMFORT GRADIENT, which implies that denser foams are placed in the layers closer to the CORE zone, while sophisticated ultrasoft foams that give a fine feeling of softness and comfort go to the periphery. 


The COVER layer as a connection between your body and the inside of the mattress has a multiple role as it protects you and your mattress equally. Therefore, a careful selection of materials is of crucial importance in order to ensure the following properties that will be compatible with other components of the mattress and follow the principles on which our philosophy of quality sleep is based. 

Schlarafia mattress covers are made of top quality materials that provide them with the following characteristics:

  • The capillary structure of the materials from which our covers are made enables air flow and provides optimal microclimate conditions under the sleeper, supporting the concept of a “breathing mattress”
  • Our covers are an exception on the market not only for the type of material, but also for the extravagance with which we make them, double thick, i.e. double weaving, which has ensured exceptional longevity and durability. Such an abundant amount of material reduces the level of quilting of the cover, which otherwise compromises its elasticity. Therefore, our covers are an additional support for the comfort already provided by the top COMFORT ZONE foams
  • The elasticity of the materials from which our covers are made additionally contributes to comfort, emphasizing the effect already provided by the materials in the COMFORT ZONE. The covers are extremely elastic, which is related to the comfort they provide to the sleeper. Without these features, a rigid inelastic cover would significantly reduce the comfort effect provided by the comfort layer.
  • The covers sewn in Schlarafia are removable, so it is easy to maintain hygiene by washing in a washing machine at 40 C. This, combined with their microstructure that removes moisture from the sleeper’s body, has an overall effect on the level of cleanliness of the bed. And not only that, they are designed for double mattresses as two parts, so that they can be washed in washing machines of standard volume, i.e. in home conditions, which avoids the additional cost that dry cleaning might require.