Mattresses with handmade spring core


This mattress has been produced for more than a quarter of a century. Despite being the basic model, it is still in high demand. Thanks to traditional handicrafts, Diplomat Vintage is the symbol of our craftsmanship.


This mattress is a modernized successor to Diplomat Vintage with an improved comfort layer. The key difference from its predecessor is the asymmetry around the central zone, which achieves strong support in the lower, and superior comfort in the upper parts of the mattress.


Created for a very specific group of clients who need an extra solid foundation. The increase in firmness (not hardness) is achieved by additional protection of the Schlarafia handmade core through a double “sandwich” of coconut boards. This mattress is intended for sleepers who have noticeable problems in the spine and who have been advised by a physiatrist or orthopedist to have a firmer base.


Another mattress of the advanced generation of a rich comfort layer of exceptional comfort. Adaptability to the anatomy of the sleeper’s body is enabled by highly elastic memory foam, where an additional layer of HR foam cancels out the unpleasant feeling of sinking. Thanks to the increased density of the foam, this material promises exceptional durability and longevity.


The mattress of the advanced generation of a rich comfort layer in which comfort and air permeability belong to a combination of two foams, of which the final latex foam is of natural origin. This mattress is intended for sleepers who prefer natural materials that guarantee a peaceful, continuous and relaxing sleep.


The heart of each of our mattresses is the handmade Schlarafia core. Below are details that demonstrate the superiority of this core in supporting the spine, and its value is outlined in the following text: A machine that makes a commercial industrial core produces 50 single pieces in an hour. The hands of our masters make at the same time only one such hand-knitted core, precisely controlling each thread and spring connection in detail. With this in mind, it is clear that the properties of hand-made mattresses are incomparable when compared to those produced on the production line.

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In the same courtyard in Čubura, where the idea of Schlafgarten was initiated, an outstanding innerspring was created, which should contribute to the longevity of mattresses and upholstered furniture. The innovation of a grandfather and his grandson has led to tens of thousands of sleepers gather around the Schlafgarten brand, whose mattresses are the same as on the first day.

Having proven its endurance and usability in support of the spine, it was the right moment for Schlafgarten’s handmade core to receive official confirmation of its effectiveness and uniqueness. A project mandated to clarify and examine the originality of the patent included experts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and experts in the field of intellectual property protection. That is how, after several decades, the handmade spring core finally received patent protection as an authentic and inalienable innovation. Therefore, be sure that this core can only be found in Schlafgarten’s handmade mattresses.


The Schlafgarten patented, handcrafted core incorporates up to 35% more springs compared to the machine-made core, therefore each individual coil is less stressed and makes our core lasting longer and thus has far better orthopedic-medical properties. Why is that important?

Schlafgarten’s patented hand core has 4 spring connection points, as opposed to 2 points for those machine-made. This allows the pressure forces on the core to be evenly distributed not only on one spring but on 9 springs so that each spring is subjected to up to 9 times lower load, which affects the durability of the core and improves its properties.

The patented, handmade Schlafgarten core has excellent orthopedic-medical properties.

Schlafgarten’s patented, handmade core acts as a large air belows, providing smooth airflow and allowing for continuous ventilation of the mattress.
Thanks to this patent designed in this way, with great self-confidence we grant you a 15-year guarantee on the immutability of the core properties.